Are You Ready for Your Digital Future?

Are you worried about the impact of automation, artificial intelligence, and robots on your career, your life, and your future?

As technology changes everything, will it also change how you are evaluated and what is important when it comes to finding a job, selling a product, or starting and running a business?

Will the skills that got you where you are today, be the same ones you’ll need to thrive as we exit the Industrial Age and enter the Digital Era?

The Questions to Ask and The Answers You Need

YOUR DIGITAL FUTURE, will help you answer these questions — and more.

Your Digital Future is an action-oriented journal that will help you understand the transformative changes occurring as we exit the Industrial Age and enter the Digital Era — and what it will mean to your future. This transition will fundamentally disrupt how organizations functions, the nature of work, and what it takes to get ahead in a very different world. 

Each issue will give you the insights, education, and actions you need to prepare for the changes that are underway so that you can find financial opportunities, have a greater impact, and enjoy a meaningful life even as the world changes around you.

Each Issue, From Me to You

My name is Charles Araujo and I’m a technology industry analyst, author of three books (working on number four), a contributor to, and a professional speaker. And this journal covers everything that I think you will need to know to make sense of the topsy-turvy world in which we now live, so that you can come out on top on the other side.

In each issue you will receive:

  • A Roadmap: Each issue will start with a short, action-oriented lesson that will challenge your perceptions and provide the insights and education you’ll need to thrive in the Digital Era

  • A Growth Moment: Each issue will challenge you to perform a specific activity or complete a project that will lock-in the lesson and help you develop skills for the digital era 

  • Additional Resources: Each issue will also include links to my most recent content, updates on my new book, The New Human Age, and other related content to help you further your education and development

Join the crew

Join this new community of progressive leaders from all walks of life who are actively exploring our dynamically changing future, rediscovering their humanness as the source of value, and thriving in the digital era!